Unlocking Xero for Community Banks

In conjunction with Feathertop™ we bring to you Imporex™, an application that allows Community Bank® companies to seamlessly import branch profit share and export company expenses directly to and from their company’s Xero account, further simplifying and streamlining the accounting process.

Getting started on Xero has never been easier, we offer a MYOB to Xero conversion completed within just 2 days, simply forward us your MYOB file and we take care of the rest.


Seamlessly import your Branch Profit Share into Xero, accurately allocating income and expenses to the Branch while automatically attaching Bendigo’s invoice to the transaction.


One click to send your monthly Branch income & expense data directly to Bendigo.

Monthly Report Packs

One click to create a custom report pack tailored and ready for your monthly board meetings.

Report Templates

We’ve created standard report templates that not only produce your same old reports layouts, but also report a clear snap shot of the businesses income, expenses and profit.

Budget Import

Upload your budget file and Imporex will extract the data into a file to be imported with simply one click.

MDF Report

One click  and Imporex extracts your marketing purchases directly into your custom MDF report.


Imporex has strong security measures built in and utilises GeoTrust’s 128bit data encryption.

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Contact us now for a free trial or demonstration of Imporex. Developed to save time, money and effort for all Community Bank® companies.

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